Bone-Shaped Pool. Brand: Dog Pools Australia

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Our very own ‘Dog Pools Australia’ bone pool. Designed in sunny Brisbane, Australia!

SORRY WE HAVE SOLD OUT OF THIS POOL. With international freight prices still so high we won’t be getting more of these pools made until Spring 2022 (and that’s if freight and material prices come back down).

Want a high quality pool that will still look gorgeous in years to come? A pool that is huge and tough enough to withstand big, playful dogs? A pool made with Aussie dogs in mind?

The ‘Dog Pools Australia’ bone pool is perfect for customers who:

  • have big dogs, or dogs who loves to stretch out in the water

  • have dogs that are better suited to a pool made from hard plastic than soft plastic (like our foldable dog pools). If your dog is very active in the water eg ‘digs’ in the corners, or jumps in and out of the pool continuously, has long, sharp nails or a tendency to chew, then THIS pool is for you!

  • just love a gorgeous pool for their dog to keep cool and have fun in!


The ‘Dog Pools Australia’ bone pool has a drain for easy drainage, and is easy to clean.

The pool is made from hard-wearing, UV-resistant polyethylene. It is light enough to carry around the yard.

Specs include:

  • Size: Large (161cm long x 102cm wide x 28 cm high)

  • Weight: 14kg

  • UV resistant

  • Made from Polyethylene

  • Comes with a brass drain for easy drainage


How is this pool different from the ‘One Dog One Bone’ bone-shaped pools? This pool is:

  • slightly smaller, and a slightly different shape

  • slightly heavier (but still easy to lift and carry)

  • made from a softer plastic, so not quite as hard-wearing

Coming soon: NEW Bone-shaped dog beds to fit inside your ‘Dog Pools Australia’ pool! Two colour options. Plush and comfy! Now your dog pool can be used as a gorgeous, huge bed when not being splashed in! $25 discount when buying the bed with the pool.


Our bone shaped dog beds are HUGE, plush and super comfy. Perfect for a large breed, or for two dogs.

Our bone shaped beds are 75% memory foam for a comfortable sleep.

  • 75% memory foam

  • plush top for a comfortable sleep

  • washable cover - zipper at back

  • two colour options - Grey or Dusty Pink

  • fits inside our ‘Dog Pools Australia’ dog pools

These beds can be used alone, or inside our ‘Dog Pools Australia’ dog pool as a gorgeous and practical outdoor dog bed when it’s not being used as a pool.



FREE shipping if purchased at the same time as a (matching) bone pool.

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