Can I pick up my dog pool (or other item)?

Yes. Pick up is available from our private residence in Brisbane's western suburbs. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time. Email: woof@dogpools.com.au

How much is shipping?

Shipping for our FOLDABLE DOG POOLS is FREE.

Shipping for our dog TOWELS is FREE.

Shipping for our large BONE SHAPED POOLS will vary depending on your location. Please contact us for a freight quote: woof@dogpools.com.au.

Shipping for ALL OTHER ITEMS will vary depending on your location. Just pop your address in at the checkout to work out the cost.

FREE pick up is available for all products. We are home-based in Chapel Hill, Brisbane. Please contact us to arrange pick ups: Email woof@dogpools.com.au.

Are the pool decks for sale too?

Yes. If you’re in Brisbane we have a great handyman who makes our pool decks for Brisbane customers.

The standard deck is $1300. If you're interested in a custom made dog pool deck please contact us for more information. Email: woof@dogpools.com.au

Are you getting more 'Dog Pools Australia' bone pools made? If so, when?

Short answer: We don't know. Long answer: Covid has increased the cost of international shipping and materials so much that it has made it unaffordable for us to have more of these pools made. If shipping and materials reduce again we may have more made later this year (2022).

*Please note all cancelled orders will incur an admin fee

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